How to Create Apple ID for Child in 3 Steps (Latest Method)

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Creating Apple ID for a Child


iPods, iPads and iPhones are going to his popular whatever the share on kids christmas lists. So in this article i’m going to show you How to Create Apple ID for Child.

You can create an Apple ID from under-13 from either your Mac or your iPad on the Mac.

1. Go to a System Preferences

2. And open the iCloud option inside here you’ll see manage family.

3. Select Manage Family

4. And you’ll see the options to Add or Remove Family Members.


5. Just click the small Plus button you can add an Existing Apple ID.

6. If a family member or you has 1.48 one for a child under the age of 13
Just enter their Birthdate choose an Apple ID and enter their Name and choose a Password notice you’ll also be able to check the Check Box to Share your child’s location with your family.

So we recommend that you do this complete the application and you’ll be able to log in with the new Apple ID on any iPad.
If you prefer to set up family sharing from your own iPad or iPhone
Go to the iCloud Option and select Family from here

You’ll notice the option to create an Apple ID for a child and you can walk through the same process from the iPad or iPhone.


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