Top 5 Hidden iOS 12 Features! | Latest Update 2018

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This is the top 5 new features in iOS 12 on the iPhone.

1. Grouped Notifications ( iOS 12)

Top 5 iOS 12 Features!

Finally as an Android user finally I think that’s got the loudest cheer onstage when it got announced but ever since it was shown on stage. I’ve been kind of curious exactly how it works to get it in my hands and actually try it is one thing versus just seeing it on stage. So it’s actually the real deal. So as you expect all your notifications from one app get grouped together. It can look pretty neat and organized in this sort of a staff way. And then you can tap to expand and view all of them and then you can act on each one of them one by one if you want and when you’re done. Either at the top or the bottom of the list you can collapse them back into that little stack. So it is immensely better than before. It still is a little bit buggy and sometimes an iMessage at wooden group notifications but generally it’s been working pretty well. And I still would also like to see in iOS the ability to act on notifications while they’re in the notification tray without leaving them. So I’d do this on Android all the time but that’s that’s probably a couple years down the road. Either way group notifications welcome to 2018 iOS. That’s good to see.

2. Emoji | Tongue tracking (iOS 12)

Top 5 iOS 12 Features!

Number two is an emoji. It’s somehow one of the biggest headlining features of the iPhone 10 and as far as I know it’s still just for iPhone 10 but an emoji has had a lot added to it. There’s no new an emoji. There’s a koala. There’s a tiger. There’s a t-rex and there’s a ghost and also there’s now there’s tongues for all of them. There’s tongue detection kind of like snapchat has had for a while including the skull. Everyone gets a tongue. So cool. And then there’s me emoji which will let you create any number of your own an emoji to look exactly the way you want. So this is my MIMO G. They don’t exactly have my hair or facial hairstyle. So like this is as close as I could get but your momochi doesn’t have to look like you. It can look like a totally different person or a new character if you want. As far as I can tell there’s no limit to how many you can make. But I like a video below of customizing it you can go into infinite detail of things like eyebrow shape and makeup type and hairstyle and all that kind of stuff. it’s pretty detailed. I also think the eye movement detection is more impressive than the tongue. The tongue is just either in or out of your mouth. That’s cool. But the eyes are what really gives it life the other hand emojis before we’re just beaded. This is a pretty good. They work in FaceTime. Now they also bumped the limit up to how much video you can do with an emoji and iMessage to 30 seconds. And as you can see you can also superimpose them on your own body. So if you’re into that then that’s nothing you can do alright.

3. Screen Time (iOS 12)

Top 5 iOS 12 Features!

Number three is something called screen time and I saw something similar to this at Google i/o where it’s just basically directly addressing how you use your phone, how much you use your phone and possibly whether or not you’re addicted to it and cutting down that addiction. Now to be fair on the same stage like 25 minutes later they had a lady on an exercise bike trying to text her friends while multitasking on her SmartWatch. So that message may have been lost a little bit during the keynote. But that’s kind of what they were going for. But it’s actually really interesting. It shows you what you’ve used most on your phone in the last couple hours. The screen has been on and then it lets you set limits for certain apps. So if you want to make sure you only spend one hour on Instagram you can tell it to do that and then when you try to open the app after that hours up it looks like this. It doesn’t let you in unless you click the button that lets you in but still you get the point. It also shows you a really detailed breakdown of your most used apps how many times you pick up the phone during the day the average per hour and which apps send you the most notifications during the course of the day how many times you pick up your phone. It really is a wealth of information. So you can do with it what you want.

4. Siri Shortcuts (iOS 12)

Top 5 iOS 12 Features!

So number four is Siri shortcuts. Now to be honest I was looking forward to some bigger improvements with Siri. Mainly making it not bad but this is something interesting essentially. It’ll allow you to map any in-app action or any command to any phrase you want literally any phrase you want. Now it’s still pretty early for the iOS twelve beta. So they don’t have the actual shortcuts app here yet which will allow you to build as many of these as you want. But if you go in the settings for Siri, there’s a couple that are built in it kind of demonstrate how this works. So there’s this custom shortcut to check the Apple stock price in the stocks app. So that’s a two-level connection. Literally it asks you to record any phrase you want to trigger this. So I chose show me the money. So now every time I ask Siri to show me the money, it opens the stock app and checks Apple stock price. So you can see how this would extend out to other apps and other commands with other phrases. Not bad. Now just fix the rest of Syria please.

5. New Apps (iOS 12)

Top 5 iOS 12 Features!

The number five is all the new apps. And I know I mentioned earlier in this article that there’s not that many visual changes with iOS 12. I guess that’s kind of a lie because in a lot of the stock apps. Now they are overhauled. They look drastically different. And there’s actually one new app.

So the iBooks app is now Apple books. And is supporting a new design not the super modern look of a lot of the other things but that’s because it’s books. It’s supposed to be minimally distracting.

The News app is redesigned. This one with a more modern UI and a stocks app is redesigned with this slick user interface with Apple-curated news alongside the companies in the stocks.

Voice memos also got an update and new logo as well but it’s like the simplest app ever. But there you go and then of course. There’s actually the new app in iOS 12 possibly.

My favorite edition which is called the Measure App. And this is an AR kit 2.0 app. So it’s an augmented reality app that lets you. Literally look through the camera pointed at objects and measure them measure how long or how tall or how much volume they have and it’s actually pretty quality the only limitation seems to be that. It’s definitely better with smaller objects and with things that are closer to you. But I’ve tried it on a number of things around the studio at this point and it’s definitely accurate but there you have it there’s some good stuff in iOS 12. This time around and there’s also some legate’s.

I didn’t even mention in this article one of them is Group FaceTime. You can do a FaceTime group call with up to 32 people. I couldn’t demo it because I don’t know that many people with iOS 12 and if you do this with someone on iOS 11. It kicks them out of the FaceTime call but you can do that in iOS 12 NASA FaceTime calls. The improvement to search in photos is much more robust to the point where they’ve put a search button right there in the bottom of the app encouraging you to use it. It reminds me actually a lot more of Google photos now .You can swipe in iPhone 10 to kill apps. Right away you don’t have to hold down and wait for the little red minus sign to pop up anymore that’s massively more convenient. I think they heard our feedback on that one and it’s also now harder to take accidental screenshots. It’s true. So if you wake up your iPhone with the power button and the volume button at the same time that would usually accidentally take a screenshot of your lock screen not anymore. So that’s pretty awesome. Thank You Apple.

So that’s iOS 12 that’s where we’re at right now it will continue to evolve. It’s in a public beta form right now. So there will be additional beta bills that will come out. And I’m sure there will be more features that surfaced.
Thanks for reading.

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